OC Indy Awarded LION Grant to Investigate the City of Orange


By Daniel Langhorne

Local Independent Online News Publishers recently awarded OC Indy a $1,000 grant to investigate the city of Orange through November 2018.

OC Indy is one of 18 local news websites nationwide receiving Impact-Designated Investigative Grants, which range from $500 to $1,500 and were sponsored by the Excellence and Ethics in Journalism Foundation. The winning online publications serve a diverse group of communities, including the Southern Californian cities of Alhambra and Menifee.

“Orange County deserves a professional, local news source,” OC Indy Founder Daniel Langhorne said. “North Orange County has disproportionately felt the brunt of staffing cuts at the regional daily newspaper, the Orange County Register. This misguided neglect ends today.”

After deep staffing cuts ordered earlier this year by the management at Southern California News Group and its parent company, Digital First Media, the Register has four staff writers dedicated to covering the 34 cities of Orange County. There are also numerous unincorporated communities throughout the County that aren’t being covered.

OC Indy is humbled and deeply grateful for this extraordinary opportunity to serve Orange’s residents and business owners.

“We won’t be sharing details about our investigation of the city of Orange at this time,” Langhorne said. “Elected and appointed city officials will hear from us very soon.”

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